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Seven Seas Sailing School of Buffalo Marlinspike Seamanship Course


Saturday, May 10 & 17, 10 a.m. to Noon, at Seven Seas (future summer sessions to be announced)

To Know the Ropes –

There are miles rope in the rigging of a square rigged ship. The only way of keeping track of the function of all of these lines was to memorize (know) where they were located. It took an experienced seaman to know the ropes. Today we call this effort marlinspike seamanship.

Marlinspike seamanship is the mark of an able seaman to choose, care for, handle, and make work a variety of rope (line) in any way needed.

Captain Ed Quinlan of Seven Seas has been specializing in marlinspike seamanship for over 30 years, first in Hawaii, and in recent years as the Director of Seven Seas Sailing School in Buffalo. He takes great pride in sharing the right way to do things whether it is a simple three strand splice or some of the most useful knots in sailing. We provide you with a great textbook, working line an enthusiastic instructor and more.

Captain Ed will help you can become the “go to” person on your boat when it comes to marlinspike seamanship. You’ll learn it in this two Saturday morning course, along with types of rope, splicing, cleats, winches and purchase.
Whether you want to make a built-in handle at the end of a water bucket, lash oars or other deck gear in place, attach a foot of a sail to a boom, or even extend a towing line, this course will prepare you with the right tools.
Course Outline:

Terms: Rope; Uses on boat.

Types of rope: Materials; Construction; Strength; Care; Sizing; Do’s and don’ts.

Splicing: Whipping; 3 strand; Braid on braid; Single / hollow braid; Wire to rope; Taper; End to end.

Knots: Bowline; Figure 8; Half hitch; Luggage Tag; Clove hitch; Anchor bend; Square; Stopper; Truckers hitch.

Cleats: Horn; Post; Cam; V; Clam.

Winches and Purchase

Course Fee: $99 includes course materials: Book – The Splicing Handbook: Techniques for Modern and Traditional Ropes, Second Edition by Barbara Merry , 1/4″ fid, rope samples.

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