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Sailing into Tomorrow


There’s a place to sail to called Anadyr, if you care.
All I really know about Anadyr, to be honest and fair,
Is that it’s already tomorrow way over there.

I do wonder if they could tell us more about today,
But I come to realize it doesn’t work out that way.

It’s sunshine and breakfast time on our boat back here;
In London time they’re just starting scones and sweet tea,
While in Zurich they’re busy drinking beer;
Still, in Abu Dhabi, one’s dinner’s just about near.

Back again so very far in Anadyr, nearly everyone’s in bed;
It’s two o’clock in the morning there, my how the hours all sped.

Are we late and sailing time away in Buffalo,
While the world’s clocks all race ahead?
Or have they tried the time that we’ll perfect,
Unique in our Buffalo stead?

When on a reach, let one reflect,
To say our time has come again,
It’s a great thought to have indeed,
But please keep that in your head.

We’ll move along in cheer and song, just fine;
So if any of this means a symbol, or a sign,
California’s just now in their rise, and shine,
LOL, But in this race they’re in the red!

And so it goes, with wind that blows us sailors all through time,
Our clocks may oppose, still everyone knows, that
To reach and tack from day to day, it’s all just so sublime.

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