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Sharpen Your Sailing Skills With Seven Seas Advanced Courses

Whether you’ve learned to sail with us here at Seven Seas, or are coming from elsewhere, our Advanced Sailing Course will give you the confidence you need to get out on the finest boats around.

We have two advanced sailing courses, tailored individually to suit your interests and experience:

  • Advanced Sailing – Cruising – focuses on the safe navigation and operation of sailing vessels, to equip you for longer distance sails on larger vessels
  • Advanced Sailing – Racing – teaches you competitive sailing techniques, and is based around the weekly Buffalo Racing Series.

Our Advanced Sailing courses each delve into the world of charts and navigation, marlinspike seamanship, and ensure you learn to handle boats of 30 feet and more.

We provide plenty of patient instruction in the classroom, dockside and out on the water on our 30-foot Catalina.

Advanced Sailing sets sail the first week of each month, and is custom designed to meet the needs and abilities of its participants. The cost is $375 per person.

Graduates can look forward to renting our boats for their own excursions with friends and family – choose from our Catalina 30, Pearson 26, Catalina 25, Columbia 30 or Irwin 25. Or, if you’re in the market, we’ll introduce you to our colleagues at RCR and Navy Point, who will put you into your “second home,” out on the water in a fabulous sailing yacht.

To enroll, call Capt Bill Zimmermann at 716-880-5154 or contact us HERE for more information.

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