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About Seven Seas Sailing

At Seven Seas, a new world of opportunities opens before you – you’ll enjoy plenty of on-water instruction, and join in our many social “Sailabration!” programs.

Seven Seas Sailing School opened in Buffalo in 1970, then one of a small handful of schools in the country (the very first opened in Annapolis only a decade earlier). Over our 47 years in operation, we’ve graduated thousands of new sailors from Western New York and around the world. Just three years ago, in fact, we realized a dream of opening the first public sailing school in India (where some of our instructors now spend their winters).

Our instructors form an impressive and professional team, bringing with them extensive sailing experience from around the world. Many are USCG-licensed captains and have been with Seven Seas for two or more decades. Seven Seas attracts people from all around who are interesting in getting the best sailing education available. Upon graduation you may choose to achieve Seven Seas’ US Sailing certification and membership in the world’s most revered US Sailing Association.

Let’s begin and enroll now in our Basic Keelboat “Learn to Sail” program, which can be completed in seven 2-hour sessions. Some people book these sessions over a single weekend, but please don’t rush–most of our students enjoy our flexible approach and book their class times once or twice a week over a period of several weeks. It’s your decision how quickly you wish to take the course.

Seven Seas appeals to people of all ages, whether you’re sailing alone, with a group, or as a family. The many people who arrive at our campus as individuals soon find themselves amongst friends, often leaving the first day jotting down the numbers of new sailing partners.

When you graduate from our Learn to Sail program, you have the ability to rent our boats locally, or venture forth and rent boats from nearly any port in the world. As you begin your sailing career, you may continue to sail with us or with other friends, you may choose to crew on a racing boat, or you may even buy your own boat. We hope we leave you with a love of sailing that will last a lifetime!

Note: Seven Seas is more than a sailing school. It’s a social experience. Bring your friends and family and enjoy using our bar-b-ques among our gazebos and dockside gardens — consider yourself one of our Seven Seas family!

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